Domaine Bonnet-Huteau

Region: Muscadet, Loire Valley, France
Farming: Organic and Biodynamic, certified
Hectares: 40
Soil Types: Granite, Gneiss, Schist
Altitude: <250m
Annual Production: 200,000 bottles

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Domaine Bonnet-Huteau is situated in the heart of the Muscadet region in the Sèvre et Maine appellation. It has been producing Muscadet for over 150 years and the Bonnet-Huteau family has been working this vineyard for the past 4 generations.

Rémi and Jean-Jacques Bonnet, along with their partner Vincent Pineau, strive to reflect the diversity and expression of Muscadet Sèvre et Maine and the minerality of each of its terroirs: Gneiss, Mica Schist, Amphibolite and Granite. Respect of the land is one of their main considerations – certified organic since 2005 the estate is now also certified biodynamic. Plant-based treatments, such as nettle and horsetail, and organic fertilisation are used and in their words “our aim is to boost living soils”

They favour low yields and hand harvesting followed by gentle pressing to help facilitate fermentation using the natural yeasts present on the grapes. As well as the traditional underground tanks of the area the estate also uses some terracotta amphorae for particular cuvées, and the wines here spend a lot of time on the lees for added complexity – up to 24 months in some cases.

A visit here with Jean-Jacques is an education as he energetically jumps in and out of his car in the short drives between sections of vineyard and explains, vineyard by vineyard, soil type by soil type, aspect by different aspect, the differences between their various plots – and the proof is in the glass. These are thoughtful, elegant wines with what we love – a real sense of place.