Château de la Selve

Region: Ardèche, Rhône, France
Farming: Organic & Biodynamic
Hectares: 44
Soil Types: Limestone
Altitude: 350m
Annual Production: <200,000 bottles

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The Château here dates back to the 13th century and was originally a fortified house on the boundaries of the French kingdom. Over the centuries it became an agricultural holding and then was purchased by Benoît’s parents in 1990.

In 2002, just after graduating from the Beaune viticultural college, Benoît’s dream was realised. Having worked in other people’s and relations’ vineyards, he created his own estate here in the south of Ardèche. He was convinced of the terroir’s potential with its scorching sun and cool nights, wild landscapes and limestone soils rich with the heady aromas of the south ( “la garrigue” ), undergrowth and truffle.

Benoît, now working alongside his wife Florence, uses organic and biodynamic methods in order to protect the environment and allow the terroir to fully express itself. They seek to breathe life into the soils and the vines and strive to produce pure wines with finesse and elegance. Oak barrels, stainless steel and clay amphorae are all used for fermentation and ageing.