Château Les Croisille

Region: Cahors, France
Farming: Organic & Biodynamic, certified
Hectares: 30
Soil Types: Limestone
Altitude: c. 300m
Annual Production: 150,000 bottles

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Cécile and Bernard started their domaine in 1979, when they rented an abandoned domaine on the Causses de Luzech. They cleared the land and brought it back to life, and now produce elegant Malbecs from a variety of plots, each carefully vinified according to the character of each individual plot. Their son Germain joined them in 2008, followed by his childhood friend Nicolas in 2010 and finally by Germain’s brother Simon who joined the domaine in 2015.

Vineyard work is meticulous, and farming is certified biodynamic and organic. Chemical treatments are absent and sulphur dioxide use is kept to a minimum. Various vessels are used for vinification and ageing, including stainless steel, old oak barrels and even an incredible tank made of limestone.

These are elegant wines, not massive Malbec blockbusters, that speak of their terroir – real wines of place.