Cidrerie du Golfe

Region: Arradon, Brittany, France

Farming: Organic

Hectares: 5

Altitude: <100m

Annual Production: <50,000 bottles

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We have been importing from La Cidrerie du Golfe in Brittany for years and years, first meeting Marc and François in the middle of tasting hundreds of wines over a couple of days in the Loire. It was the refreshment we needed then and remains the refreshment we often reach for today!

They have around 5 hectares of vineyards ( about 500 trees ), situated within whispering distance of the lovely Morbihan coast, with five different varieties of apples planted. The cider is made using a press which dates back to the 1950s, and no chemicals are added at any stage of production. Apples are only collected when they are fully ripe and the resulting ciders are truly lovely things, full of life and vigour. Marc and François enjoy experimenting with various techniques make various cuvées, including a cider made in a solera system ( with fractional blending of different ages of cider in a barrel system as in Sherry production ), cider made with the addition of grapes and also with the addition of hops.